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Tag: Twitter

  • Twitter’s attention tax

    TL;DR: If you can convince millions of people to test which topics are interesting on a platform you control, you can tax those topics when they become popular. Welcome to Twitter’s real business model. If I tell you that I’m going to build the next Facebook, your skepticism isn’t around whether I can assemble a […]

  • Why two Internets are inevitable

    In disasters, we rely on many-to-many networks to find out what’s happening. What does this mean for legislation and emergency relief?

  • Facebook’s rocks and hard places

    Facebook can’t charge for access the way LinkedIn does, and can’t inject ads as Twitter does—for now. The company is stuck between a rock and a hard place, but it has the money, and the world’s attention, to find its way out.

  • The company we expect you to be

    We’ve all decided what Google is for, and every time it tries to change that it creeps us out. Google needs to stop trying to be something it’s not and to embrace its inner nerd.