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Innovation, culture, and design: SCM’s Valerie Coulton

A month ago, Ben Yoskovitz and I visited Barcelona to run a Lean Analytics workshop for Schibsted Classified Media, one of the world’s largest classified publishers. We were initially contacted by Valerie Coulton, whose official title is Innovation Catalyst, about joining their worldwide meeting. Valerie and her team had read Lean Analytics, and wanted us to get involved in their internal frameworks for innovation and metrics.

We had a great time, and loved both Barcelona and the folks from Schibsted that we met. Once the dust had settled, I asked Valerie if she’d be willing to dive deeper into her role at the company.

In this interview, we touch on a few things:

  • Why innovation isn’t just creating new products or entering new markets, it’s also readying the organization for periods of change once disruption occurs.
  • What backgrounds innovators need to have (or don’t need) to be effective.
  • Design thinking, and how it’s at the core of creating great businesses with user experiences that delight and captivate a market.
  • Why art—as well as design—is needed to create something unique, and how all art holds an element of risk

It’s a wide-ranging discussion, and Valerie tells a great story.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the audio of our interview:






One response to “Innovation, culture, and design: SCM’s Valerie Coulton”

  1. Chris Shinkle Avatar

    Loved the interview and can relate a lot with Valerie. My role at SEP is to help people innovate by provoking them to think differently and entertain new ideas. I loved the conclusion you drew… An innovators role could be more than just building new things. It could be to build a company that’s ready to change. Lots of great stuff in this to think about. Thanks!